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ilka Leukefeld

I make time-based installation and performance works. They are often provocative and dark in a humorous way and are inspired by a wide range of scientific theories and respond to historical and current events. Driven by my research into chaos on both philosophical and poetic levels, I started looking into the psychological phenomenon of normalcy bias. /

ilka Leukefeld, 2 normalcy bias
2 normalcy bias, Berlin
Performance to song No Tears for the Creatures of the Night by Tuxedo Moon (still) – video 4'39"
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ilka Leukefeld, Joo Janta, normalcy bias
normalcy bias, London
Joo Janta 200 (still) – video 3 minutes, 2010
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2 normalcy bias, angela's, ilka leukefeld
2 normalcy bias, Berlin
Angela's (still) – video, 9 minutes, 2009

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