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Anna Pharoah & Pippa Koszerek

Calamity duo Anna Pharoah and Pippa Koszerek promote cultural wellbeing with entrepreneurial zest in their series of promotional videos that trace the development of their semi-fictional company Fitness for Artists. The videos combine home-movie style footage with ad libbed vox pops as the viewer watches the company grow from single-room flat, to family home to period cottage.
They performed specially commissioned works for normalcy bias in both London and Berlin.

PK: / Twitter @pippa_koszerek

Anna Pharoah, Pippa Koszerek
normalcy bias, London
Fitness for Artists, performance

Anna Pharoah, Pippa Koszerek, Fitness for Artists, 2 normalcy bias
2 normalcy bias, Berlin
Fitness for Artists: The Ice Roadshow – performance with video and props

Anna Pharoah, Pippa Koszerek, Artists on Ice, 2 normalcy bias, Berlin
2 normalcy bias, Berlin
Fitness for Artists, video stills